Vlaming - a classic Perth charter boat

Vlaming is available for charter boat hire for Swan River boat charters in Perth, Western Australia. It is hard not to fall in love with this stunning charter boat because she embodies maritime history.

Vlaming is a stylish wooden boat that is immaculately restored to perfection. She has wooden paneling, marquetry and beautiful decking.  Furthermore, she is unrivalled for small, intimate groups of 15 to 18 guests. As such, she is often used for special moments like wedding transfers or intimate cruises to the Swan Valley winery region.

The pride and joy of many passengers, from corporate executives, to the many men who have got down on one knee and proposed to a loved one. Vlaming is perfect for winery cruises. She is one of the few vessels that can get under the Causeway Bridge in Victoria Park and thereafter cruise to the wine region.

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Event Type

  • Birthday Party Boat Cruises
  • Australia Day Boat Cruises

Other events available


  • Size- 40ft
  • Swan River - 15 guests
  • Rottnest Island - N/A
  • Carnac Island - N/A

Departure Location

Please note: most boats will charge a small surcharge on top of their hourly rate if you want your cruise to leave from Perth. This is because most boats are based in Fremantle. This will cover their three hours of travel time and staff costs (one and a half hour each way) for the time you are not on board the vessel.

Other departure locations available

On Board Facilities


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