Payment / Refund Policy

The Company operates a 7 day refund policy where if you cancel a booking more than 7 full days prior to the day of the Event you will be issued a full refund minus any applicable associated fees and charges imposed by third parties or organizations, this includes, but not limited to, non-refundable deposits paid to other organizations as part of the Event, merchant fees, bank fees etc.

Unless otherwise agreed to by an authorized Staff member, any booking cancelled within 7 full days prior to the Event shall result in any and all monies paid as part of that booking to be forfeit and retained by the Company.

The Company requires full payment 48hrs prior to the Event. Online bookings require full payment prior to bookings being confirmed. The Customer will be required to make these payments before the system will reserve your booking for the Event.

Privacy Policy

BlueSun Travel takes your privacy seriously. The information we collect is required by us under State and Federal Law as part of our Charter Operating License. All information collected will the used and stored as part of these guidelines. Furthermore any information collected will not be transmitted, sold, or otherwise used for any other purpose than for the efficient running of the Company, providing information directly to you, the Customer, from us, the Company or as required under State or Federal Law. Additionally, some high risk activities require a waiver to be digitally signed by a third party service, This service is provided by ‘Smartwaiver’ which digitally stores the Customers legally binding documents pertaining to Events conducted by the Company. The privacy policy shall incorporate the Privacy Notice located at

Delivery Policy

Our systems are semi-automated, What this means is that any interaction with the us whereby you are required to submit payment, or otherwise agree to submit payment for goods and services for an Event when entered into our booking system, means that our system will send you an email confirmation that interaction. This can be, but not limited to, Notification of Booking, Confirmation of Booking, Change of Booking, Status of Booking. If you have not recieved any notification of such interaction then you must first check any “spam” or “junk” folders that your email system utilizes and if you still cannot locate any notification please contact us immediately. Failure to inform the Company that you, the Customer have not received notification of rescheduled, cancelled or otherwise changed Event dates or times shall not allow the Customer exemption from the Refund Policy nor shall the Company be held liable for any compensation due to this.