ORCAELLA BROOME Whale Watching Sunset Boat Tours


One of the best tours to do in Broome from July to September - Orcaella Broome Whale Watching & Sunset Tours.

Duration:       4.5 hours

Departing:     01.30 pm

Returning:    06.00 pm

Have you ever seen a humpback whale so close you could almost touch it? Broome, Western Australia, is the humpback highway to approximately 35,000 whales.

With over 20 years’ experience in marine interaction along the WA coastline, we at Broome Whale Watching, offer you the most unforgettable whale watching experience in Western Australia.

Our Broome sunset cruise takes you on a 4.5 hr tour aboard our beautifully appointed catamaran ‘Orcaella’. With shaded decks and comfortable seating ‘Orcaella’ is a fantastic stable platform. Our vessel provides great vantage points, giving you uninterrupted views of the world’s largest population of humpback whales.

Cruise the stunning waters of Broome, in search for these majestic whales. Come face to face with them in the friendliest way possible. Respect for the ocean and its marine life is of paramount importance to us. We take great care of you and our whales.

Discover why Broome is such an incredible winter holiday for humpback whales. Learn all about their breeding and mating behaviours from our informative and commentary. Immerse yourself in boundless natural beauty as our crew spoil you with delicious nibbles all afternoon.

Finish off your perfect day with a Broome sunset sky that will leave you wanting more! With our experienced and friendly team, you are bound to have a whale of a day!

Our educational program designed for children with wildlife encounters makes this cruise one of Broome’s best family activities.

Whale watching cruises should be added to your list of things to do in Broome!


We have guaranteed sightings on every tour since our very first whale-watching cruise in 2008. In the unlikely event of not seeing whales, we are more than happy to offer a repeat trip on board or provide a gift certificate, redeemable by friend or family the following year.


During the months of June through September, humpback whales journey from the cold waters of Antarctica to Broome and reside over the warmer season mating, calving and nursing their young. With over 35,000 whales expected to travel along the coast of WA, Broome is so fortunate to witness this phenomenal annual event.

Humpback whales are a baleen whale, meaning that they lack teeth and instead have long hair-like fibres inside their mouth which are used to filter krill and small fish out of the water. Despite being the size of a school bus, they are one of the world’s most athletic whale species, regularly performing above-water behaviours such as their infamous breaches as well as slapping their tails and fins.

They can hold their breath for up to 45 minutes however, will surface much more regularly while active. They are frequently seen floating on the surface of the water, also known as ‘logging’, which makes them easy for us to see as the light from the sun glistens off their huge backs. We can also see them by looking out for the spout of water created by their high-pressure exhales, which can reach up to four metres high.

Humpbacks communicate by sound, with males performing long, complex songs that travel extremely long distances to attract females, while mothers and calves keep in constant contact through a series of single clicks.

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