Catering is where BlueSun2 Boat Charters excels. Over the last 15 years we have brought smiles to over 150,000 passengers and a good many VIP celebrities. 

Many of the Perth charter boats will only allow the BlueSun chefs to cook on them because of our high standards of cooking and cleanliness. Secretly, we know that they love our food!


BlueSun2 specialises in Gourmet BBQ menus using only the freshest fish, meats and produce. Most of these ingredients are sourced locally too and where possible, from organic farms. 

Prices vary from $25 per person to $75 per person. However, all our menus can be tailored to suit your budget and taste. Food can be delivered to your charter boat as required, though delivery and staff costs may apply too.

If you wish to have expert advice on how to cater for your boat party, call Kevin on 08 9315 2222 or email your enquiry here. 


BOAT CATERING When it comes to Boat Catering you might as well deal with Western Australia’s number one company, BlueSun2 Boat Charters. Over the last 15 years we have fed over 100,000 guests on boats ranging from 2 passengers and up to 100. This includes many of the top Kimberley cruise boats Read more