Alcoholic Drinks

Alcoholic Drinks

Alcoholic Drinks are allowed on most boat charters or for boat hire events. However, there are some instances when you will need to get a liquor license for your party or event. If you are not sure, please contact the Department of Racing Gaming and Liquor to discuss your event and needs.

As a general rule, non-licensed vessels will allow you to BYO beer, wine, champagne and mixed drinks. However, no bottles of clear spirits (vodka, gin, tequila etc) are allowed and especially no shooters!

This will also be specified in writing, on your boat hire contract as well.

Most charter boats do not supply ice and we do recommend using a bottle shop to drop off your drinks. This saves time and ensures your drink will be cold on arrival. Finally, don't forget wine glasses. We recommend disposal plastic wine glasses.

If you need more advice on Alcoholic Drinks, call our office on 0405 353 353.


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