Boat Catering is a speciality of BlueSun2 Boat Charters. Our gourmet BBQs have been a winner for well over 100,000 hungry guests. Better still, the boat owners love it when they hear BlueSun is coming on board to cook.


BlueSun2 takes huge pride in the quality of its Boat Catering. Thanks to our brilliant chefs, we are massively popular too!

Choice is the name of the game when it comes to catering. We offer a number of great options, with menus to suit all tastes and budgets. These can vary from about $35 to $75 per person, depending upon how glamorous you want to be with your food. Most of the time you will need staff to come along to cook and serve your food, but you can ask for 'drop off' packages too. The boats will often cook your meal for you, if the catering is not complicated. 

Everything is made to the highest possible standards with fresh, hand-picked produce, as well as the best butcher meats and local seafood available.

Listening to our growing fan club, we know most people love our gourmet BBQs. They are the perfect way to suck up a boat's al fresco atmosphere of sun, water and fun.

Make Your Own Menus With Your Own Budget

Catering menus can be tailor-made to suit any occasion and taste, from corporate functions and weddings, to cocktail parties and special events. We offer great vegan and vegetarian choices as well.  

Many of our charter boats offer BYO food and drinks options, so that will help with the budget. However, please check that no liquor license is required for your cruise by calling the Department of Racing Gaming and Liquor (RGL) beforehand.

For further information, call our friendly Boat Catering experts on 0405 353 353.

0405 353 353

Over 250,000 happy customers have been on our boats!

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