The Abrolhos Islands offer outstanding fishing and diving charters. Departure are from the town of Geraldton which is 60 kilometres north of Perth. BlueSun2 has the largest selection of charter boats to choose from in Western Australia.

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The Abrolhos Islands is a holiday destination and today, we offer fantastic packages and boat tours.

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There are 122 Abrolhos Islands that are fed by the southward flowing Leeuwin Current. Because of this, it has crearted a living marine haven for rock lobster, coral and a vast array of fish. The stunning lagoons are perfect diving and snorkelling spots too and teeming with fish and corals. In addition, for the more adventurous travellers we have world-class surfing locations to explore too.

Nothing beats the Dutch history, especially the horror story of the Batavia shipwreck. It is a fairly morbid piece of history where in 1629, 100 sailors were stranded there for two months. They were left to fend for themselves and against each other. It is a shocking story of murder and mayhem, where some relics survive to this day.

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